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Rio Innovation Week 2023: see 20 tips from the technology event

G1 /// 02/27/2024 – 17:33

With more than 1,700 speakers, the innovation and technology event takes place between the 3rd and 6th of October, at Píer Mauá, in the center of Rio.

From cannabis to virtual reality, ten highlights from Rio Innovation Week

See Rio /// 02/27/2024 – 17:22

Anitta, Luciano Huck, Xuxa, the American Marc Randolph, one of the founders of Netflix, and the Mozambican activist Graça Machel are among the speakers.

Artificial Intelligence in industry, museums, government and more: Rio Innovation Week has a complete program on the topic

G1 /// 02/27/2024 – 17:26

The event is considered one of the largest in Latin America in the area of technology and innovation.

Rio Innovation Week is one of the biggest innovation events in Latin America

Jornal Nacional /// 02/27/2024 – 17:30

Until Friday (6), 2,500 Brazilian and international startups will meet at the event. Opportunity to present solutions to the market, and the market to leave with innovations.

Wonderful city, full of charm and innovation

Forbes /// 02/27/2024 – 17:19

Rio Innovation Week ended with the potential to generate R$2.3 billion in new business

Rio Innovation Week 2023 will talk about Open Innovation, democratization of technology and entrepreneurship

Cultural Soup /// 08/28/2023

Event returns to Píer Mauá from October 3rd to 6th.

Rio Innovation Week: the attractions of the third edition, which takes place in October

O Globo /// 08/08/2023 – 08:00

One of the biggest technology and innovation events in Latin America will take place at Píer Mauá.

Rio Innovation Week already has a date. See the highlights of the last edition

Promoview /// 01/20/2023

The third edition of Rio Innovation Week / RIW already has a confirmed date: from October 3rd to 6th.

Rio Innovation Week 2023 takes place in October at Pier Mauá

Earth /// 01/19/2023 – 19:28

In November 2022, around 125 thousand people attended the 4-day event, with a business generation impact of R$1 billion.

Rio Innovation Week 2023 takes place from October 3 to 6 at Pier Mauá

Market and Events /// 01/19/2023 – 16:43

Among the commitments of Rio Innovation Week is encouraging innovation and technology as business drivers.